Concentration: The act

Holding a single thought, rather holding on to a single stream of thoughts is certainly a challenge, at least for now. Ideally, I would want to think and think well when I want to and shut the system close by volition.

I’ve been trying my hand at meditation. Yes, that popular, age-old, benevolent act. I can’t say if I’ve entirely succeeded because I don’t know if there’s any particular point the act leads to. For that reason, I’m going to have to keep on trying. The thoughts that occur to me on the onset of the act are more thoughts of realization, not invention — thoughts in a microcosm, the act of meditation compared to the thoughts in the relative macrocosm, the act of living. What I’m then reminded of is that stage of my life where I didn’t need to meditate, the one where meditation was immanent in every act, be it playing, reading, sleeping, anything!

Just as we cleanse ourselves to rid the body of dirt, we should cleanse ourselves(our real selves, our minds) from the unwanted — the negatives, the impertinent, the irrelevant. This becomes necessary as we age.

In a sense, thoughts have a world of their own, in another, they are the world!


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