Attention and the “Inner voice”

It’s diwali, it’s another revelation, time to turn my attention toward the concept of attention.

People carp about not being able to concentrate, i.e., not being able to give a matter the attention it demands. It’s simply that their ability to concentrate is divided amongst several things. This has it’s own set of advantages. It would be utterly stupid for a person to devote all attention to combing his/her hair standing opposite a mirror while someone approaches from his/her back, ready for the stab. Concentration must be an act triggered by volition, as and when required. There have been times when I noticed my nephew draw. He has all of his undeveloped mind involved in the seemingly trivial task, it shows on his expressions. He’d ignore you if you called his name, not because he wants to, but because he doesn’t hear you shout his name. It’s much the same mode we hit when we sleep, when we’re just off, and the world doesn’t matter. What we develop, as we age, is the voice of conscience.

This voice is as benevolent as it is harmful. One must have control over this voice. It’s more an eternal, ever-available friend. Negativity, positivity, neutrality and all of those frames of mind are manifested through this voice. Furthermore, it’s this voice that makes us act the way we do, it reflects our self-concept. This voice is crucial when it comes to diverting attention to an object.

My days meditating/trying to meditate aren’t futile, there’s always something to learn, when one sits down to meditate. There comes a point, as it occured to me, when you caught with your pants down, caught talking to yourself, though you are simply helping yourself reach a meditative state. There are moments of realization, where you talk to yourself in long sentences about what you’re feeling, and where you’ve been going wrong. This is your inner voice, the voice of the conscience talking about itself. What they mean by “Inner Peace” is the quietening of the mind by subdueing this inner voice, giving it that silent voice when you think you need it. What I mean by you here is your will. When I realized this, I tried shutting this voice up with a “shhh!”, not a sentence, and not quite a word, just about right. I just let myself breathe and feel the air I exhale on the area between my nostrils and the mouth.


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